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Network Effects - What's Happening Across The EntrepreneurCountry Regional Partner Platform

Dan Ginger Tuesday, 23 December 2014.

2014 has been a particularly prosperous year in the growth of the EntrepreneurCountry platform – with expansion into new continents and a dramatic rise in the footprint of the entrepreneurial community. EntrepreneurCountry has remained committed to interacting with local and regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and bringing them to the global forum. 2014 has demonstrated the power of entrepreneurship within our community, with the ability of Africa to drive mobile and FinTech innovation and Europe to continue to be a leading hub of entrepreneurship. The next big thing doesn't have to come from Silicon Valley – this is what EntrepreneurCountry seeks to facilitate.

Companies like Liftagogo and Teads continue to innovate in the transportation and media sectors respectively, and point at a leading role for the EMEA region. Through events such as the 'Follow the Entrepreneur' Summit and the EntrepreneurCountry Forum, high growth digital enablers have continued to be successfully connected to corporate giants – aiding the innovation process and driving real business growth. Over 100 leading corporates have been connected to innovative start-ups this year. This article provides an update and summary of our new and prominent partnerships – with whom we are very excited to help develop their entrepreneurial communities in 2015 and beyond.

As ever, EntrepreneurCountry has held a large presence in the UK over 2014 and has organised flagship events. EntrepreneurCountry partners some of the largest corporates on the continent and beyond, and organises many high profile events that are well attended and viewed as highly fruitful and successful in the entrepreneurial community. In March, the EntrepreneurCountry Forum was held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain – an illustrious setting in which 'The Map to the Territory' was the key theme - see the image below. The day included keynote speeches by Bill Roedy – who played an integral role in scaling MTV's operations, and Rene Rechtman – President of International Media at Maker Studios. With over 500 people in attendance, including our partners IBM, Santander, Crowdcube, Dell and InvestHK, interesting panel discussions and speeches left the audience inspired once again. EntrepreneurCountry also hosted the 'Follow the Entrepreneur' Summit at the Four Seasons Hampshire in September, bringing together some of the brightest entrepreneurial talent and allowing attendees to share experiences and ideas in an inspiring day of speeches and debates.

Image below: The EC Forum takes place at the magnificent Royal Institution of Great Britain.


Amit-SALaunch 2EntrepreneurCountry has also held a number of successful 'David and Goliath Must Dance Dinners™ throughout 2014 - as pictured to the left where EntrepreneurCountry Managing Director Amit Pau speaks. Designed to enable David and Goliath to 'dance', the dinners encourage interaction between high-growth start-ups and large corporates. With a table of no more than 20 people, the dinners allow for focused discussions, with each focused on a specific sector or issue relating to relevant core competences – including FinTech, Media, Retail, Health, Smart Cities, Big Data and Security. Over 20 of these dinners have taken place across Europe in 2014, bringing together high-growth digital enablers and facilitating connections and interactions with large corporates looking to innovate. These dinners allow David and Goliath to dance in a unique way – creating an intimate forum for discussion and learning about business development. If you would like to organise your own David and Goliath Must Dance Dinner™, please contact

As ever, the EntrepreneurCountry community has grown rapidly in 2014. As well as organising and successfully delivering the aforementioned events, EntrepreneurCountry is excited to further expand the footprint of the community to let David and Goliath to dance on an even larger scale – allowing local ecosystems to intertwine with global partners. EntrepreneurCountry has made great inroads into Eastern Europe and Africa this year. 3 events have been organised in Nigeria – including one with the Nigerian President, and 2 in South Africa. Having launched in July 2014, EntrepreneurCountry Nigeria are looking forward to developing the vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial community in the country and continent, taking part in more events such as the keynote speech delivered by EntrepreneurCountry at this year's World Pension Forum.


Image above: Amit Pau launches EntrepreneurCountry Nigeria. Below: Michal Cieminski launches EntrepreneurCountry Poland.

img4In Eastern Europe, 6 events alone have taken place in Poland, with the strong team of Pawel Tomczuk, Michal Cieminski, Magda Borowik and Anna Karpeta established in July. A dinner accompanied the highly anticipated launch of EntrepreneurCountry Poland, as well as David and Goliath Must Dance Dinners and recent events. This has been matched by 3 events in both the Czech Republic and Greece – with 4330 citizens of EntrepreneurCountry from the latter. EntrepreneurCountry Czech Republic was established in October, with an exciting team of Lucie Bresova, Petra Hubacova and Vojta Bednar looking to build on this potential in the new year. EntrepreneurCountry has also organised successful events in Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland – helping local entrepreneurs to connect to the community and to partake in David and Goliath's dance. Expansion in 2014 has been rapid and widespread – EntrepreneurCountry continues to establish the infrastructure for connecting entrepreneurial ecosystems and in driving high-growth innovative business.


EntrepreneurCountry has an exciting 2015 ahead, with further strengthening of our existing networks and continued expansion into Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Middle East – totalling 15 countries by the end of the year. Alongside adding to our operations in current countries and continuing on the fantastic work of our regional partners, EntrepreneurCountry are excited to further grow the community and reach out to even more innovative digital disruptors and corporate giants – allowing David and Goliath to dance. Be sure to keep track of EntrepreneurCountry's operations here!

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Dan Ginger

Dan Ginger

Dan joined entrepreneurcountry in November 2014, following the award of a First-Class BA (Hons.) degree in Geography from Keble College, The University of Oxford. Alongside writing articles for EntrepreneurCountry, Dan works as an Analyst for the Ariadne Capital team, and is particularly interested in the development of global emerging markets.

LinkedIn Profile:
Twitter: @DanGinge


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